About Us

San Diego Wing Chun Kung Fu Club is a zero-profit athletic organization aimed at promoting the traditional southern Chinese kung fu system of Wing Chun as taught by Sifu Rene Ng and Master Ho Kam Ming of Macao, South China.

We are a very low key and informal group. Practice in whatever clothes are comfortable, come and go as you please and you are more than welcome to train with us regardless of your training status elsewhere. Our door is always open as long as you are respectful to all, come to learn and share and are not a hothead.

We are not a public organization. Our only focus is on creating a positive environment for all to grow and enjoy the art. We don’t claim to be practitioners of the “the best way”, but do enjoy the process of trying to find it. No egos. No politics. No drama.

The Club was formed to:

  • Pass on the traditional Wing Chun art/methods as taught by Rene Ng
  • Provide a sincere training center for sincere students to learn and to practice the Wing Chun system
  • Produce Wing Chun practitioners of the highest caliber so that the art may be passed on in accordance with the Wing Chun tradition
  • Act as a research center for the study and the development of the Wing Chun system
  • Create a close knit community of Wing Chun practitioners for the sole purpose sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom.
Group Class

Class in the park, a garage or a school