The Club is one that maintains the centuries-old traditional ranking system for kung fu schools back in China.  There is no belting system, and no belts are required (other than those to hold one’s pants up) . Each individual progresses at his/her own pace.

The ranking system is very similar to the relationship between members of the same family.  It can be grouped into two different categories:

  • Within the school
  • Outside the school

Within the School

This is very much like being inside a family, i.e.-, head of family, sons/daughters, brothers and sisters.  The following illustrates the structure:

Sifu – Head of the family and is the chief instructor/head of the Club

Si-mou – Wife of the Sifu

Tsor-Kau – Instructor level; one of the Senior Disciples of the Sifu who assists in teaching

Si-hing – Your kung-fu brother who is ranked senior to you

Si-Tser – Your kung-fu sister who is ranked senior to you

Si-Dai – Your kung-fu brother who is ranked junior to you

Si-Mui – Your kung-fu sister who is ranked junior to you

Tou-Dai – Disciple level; one who has been officially accepted into the family and will begin learning the Wing Chun way

Hock-Tou – Trainee level; a novice under probation not officially accepted into the family yet.  A person at the novice level will only know what the system is about, and maybe even some of the techniques, but will not understand the philosophies behind the system nor the application of the techniques.

There is no minimum standard duration before a Hock-Tou is promoted to a Tou-Dai.  Promotion is entirely dependent upon an individuals loyalty to the school/system, dedication to training, respect for others, self disciplining, and attitude.  A Hock-Tou may be promoted to Tou-Dai anytime.

Unless otherwise stated, all students must join the Club at the Hock-Tou level.

Note:  A ‘senior’ kung-fu brother/sister is one who was accepted as a Tou-Dai (Disciple) before you.  However, this does not necessary imply that his/her skills are better than yours.

Outside the School (Within the same lineage)

This is like the family tree.  The following illustrates the structure:

Si-Jou – An ascendant of your kung-fu Sifu

Si-Gung – Your Sifu’s Sifu

Si-Fu – Your teacher

Si-Bat – Your Sifu’s senior kung-fu brother

Si-Sook – Your Sifu’s junior kung-fu-brother

Tou-Dai – Disciple (You are here in the chart)

See-Hing-Dai – Your junior and senior kung-fu brothers