Rules of Conduct/Class Discipline

Rules of Conduct:

  • Remain disciplined – conduct yourself ethically as a Martial Artist
  • Practice courtesy and righteousness – serve the society and respect your elders
  • Love your fellow students – be united and avoid conflicts
  • Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures preserve the proper spirit
  • Train diligently – maintain your skills
  • Learn to develop spiritual tranquility – abstain from arguments and fights
  • Participate in society – be moderate and gentle in your manners
  • Help the weak and the very young – use martial skills for the good of humanity

Pass on the tradition – preserve this Chinese art and rules of conduct

Class Discipline:

  • Be punctual and do not miss classes
  • Greet your Sifu, brothers and sisters when coming to and leaving the class
  • Practice sincerity, honesty, and humility during training
  • Train diligently during class and at home
  • Respect your brothers and sisters and do not cause trouble
  • Respect Wing Chun Practitioners from other schools
  • Respect Martial Artists from other systems
  • Remain disciplined; listen carefully when being taught; ask questions when in doubt
  • Help your younger brothers and sisters in their training

Do not use drugs – anyone found to be on drugs will be promptly dismissed from the Club