Levels of Training

Training in Wing Chun proceeds in a logical step by step way. The first form of Wing Chun gives all the fundamentals for the art. The second form teaches how to bridge the gap between you and your opponent. The Wooden dummy teaches how to proceed the instant contact is made. Sticking hands training teaches what to do if contact remains or comes apart.

People often ask, “Does Wing Chun have this or that movement?” Wing Chun practitioners are not artificially restricted to only use certain movements. The achievement of an effective result is what matters most. Wing Chun uses punches, palms, pokes, chops, kicks, elbows, shoulder attacks, head butts, knees and hips. Sweeping, and other forms of off-balancing are also a part of the art. Short range non-telegraphed hits provide the arsenal of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is characterized by short explosive hand attacks, low kicks and simultaneous attack and defense.

What is not apparent from this description is the ease with which it is possible to apply control techniques rather than hurting and hitting techniques. Sticking, trapping, smothering, deflecting and evading are all products of Chi sau practice.