Bryan Banting

Byian Banting - Instructor

Bryan standing behind his Sifu, Pete Roberts

My martial arts journey started when I was a young boy in the Phillipnes.  Looking up to my role model, my father had inspired me when he was studying Ngo Cho Kun (Beng Kiam) Kung Fu.  Watching my father train and practice, I was instilled the patience, dedication and perseverance that I am forever grateful.

In 1994, I moved to the US and wasn’t able to pursue my passion on learning Kung Fu till 2007.  My journey started with a brief stint in Choi Lay Fut under Sigung Frank Primicias.  It was not until 2011 that I found wing chun at a local martial arts school where I met Nathan and Sifu Pete.   In 2013, I was accepted as a disciple by Sifu Pete Roberts into the Ho Kam Ming lineage.

Little did I really know that learning wing chun would help me see things in a completely different perspective.  I recall to this day, one of my senior kung fu brothers preaching to me that even though this art may be simple, what separates you is how deep your understanding is.  Truly, I have now embraced this concept.

For me, being a student of the Ho Kam Ming wing chun lineage has been a great honor and privilege.  My goal is simple, pass on our lineage to you as taught by my sifu.  I hope that you reap the benefits of wing chun and that it inspires you in all aspects of your life.  As I have learned, wing chun is not just an art but a way of life!