Sifu Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez

I started training Wing Chun with my Sifu Pete Roberts in 2009.  I’m honored to be his Disciple.  He has been far more than just a teacher to me.  I’ve always envisioned myself having a Sifu that possesses virtuous attributes.  Someone that I can admire.  Sifu Pete has been just that.  An excellent teacher, a great family man, and a great friend.  I’m forever grateful for what he has done for me.

Having past experience in other arts and currently training Chen style Taiji as well, I believe that there is something truly special in Chinese martial arts.  They encompass a philosophy and way of life that I feel the world really needs now more than ever.  Being a warrior isn’t enough.  There is no good to being a master swordsman if you cannot keep your sword sheathed.  We have to learn to become more gentle and compassionate.  As martial artists, we should be serving our community in any way we can versus fighting amongst each other.

Martial arts has improved my character is so many ways.  I’ve learned to become more centered spiritually.  My awareness has grown.  My compassion for others has grown tremendously.  My perspective of life is now much broader.  Of course I’m human and have days that are filled with anxiety and anger, but at least now I have a place I can return to in order to find my center again.  In times, where emotions grow strong, we have to turn inward.  Wing Chun can teach you this.  In order for you to execute Wing Chun in an efficient manner, you must learn to control your mind, body, and spirit.  I also believe that a well rounded book collection will benefit any martial artist.  I find that life lessons from Taoism and Buddhism also filters into my Wing Chun.  I feel that by understanding Chinese philosophy, we can better understand Chinese martial arts.

My goal as a teacher is to produce students who can think on their own.  Find your Wing Chun self.  It’s our human right to be individuals.  We are all unique.  The way we express the Wing Chun system should be unique to us as well.  I can teach you a language.  I can teach you proper grammar.  I can show you how to structure an essay.  After you’ve learned how to properly speak and write, you then have to introduce your own personality into the equation.  You must have your own voice and writing style.  We have to connect the Wing Chun system to the natural flow of our spirit.This is how we become one with the system.

During my journey to finding my Wing Chun self, I only hope that I can convey the art in a manner that my Sifu would be proud of.

Will was promoted to Sifu on March 3rd, 2015.